QuickBooks Premier 2011  

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QuickBooks Premier 2011
Intuit's QuickBooks remains the best small business accounting product available today. QuickBooks Premier Edition 2011 doesn't represent as big a change as some previous editions have, but the upgrades will help you hone in on your company's financial standing, improve the speed of your collections, save time completing transactions, and access your data remotely.
Product Features
* QuickBooks Premier provides all the features of Pro plus advanced reporting and tools tailored to your business and industry
* View customized sales and profitability reports, run 'Cost to Complete Job' reports, and track your balance sheet by class
* Easy to set up, easy to learn, easy to use--pick up new skills at your own pace with the built-in Learning Center
* Organize your finances all in one place--key business tasks are grouped logically so you know what to do next
* Manage customer, vendor, and employee data in one place--manage data easily, with quick access to related transactions.

















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