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The professional photography solution

Adobe® Photoshop® CS3 and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® software work hand in hand, so you can efficiently manage thousands of images — or perfect just one. Photoshop CS3 provides unrivaled editing power and breakthrough compositing capabilities. Lightroom is the professional photographer's essential toolbox, providing one easy application for managing, adjusting, and presenting large volumes of digital photographs.

Together, Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom provide a complete solution for the post-capture processing and editing of digital photography.

Import and Manage
Developed with the input of pro photographers, Lightroom enables you to import, manage, and make global adjustments to large volumes of images, all from one intuitive interface.


File renaming

Quickly set up simple naming rules, and then let Lightroom automatically rename, process, and organize any number of photo files as they're imported from your camera, card, or computer folders.


Image versions

Let Lightroom track the changes you make in the History panel, with as many remembered set points as you choose. Then switch between versions of the photo with a click.


Single or group metadata stamping

Add as much information to a photo as you need, either individually or to groups of selected photos. Store metadata sets as presets and apply them all with a click.

Simple keywording

Organize your photos with the keywords that make sense to you — just type and apply.

Organize using collections

Group photos in stored collections as easily as selecting the photos and naming and recalling the collection with a single click. Easily modify the contents of any collection.

Multiple viewing options

Use the Library Grid view to browse large groups of photos. Switch to Compare to quickly and intuitively narrow a series of photos down to the one you need. Zoom in and out of any area of a photo with simple keyboard commands or a click of the mouse.

Simple but precise controls

Adjust color temperature, exposure, and tone curve. Automatically track image changes in the History panel, with as many remembered set points as you need.


Develop and Perfect
When you're ready to work on refining individual images, jump into Photoshop CS3 to take advantage of new, advanced compositing features and even greater editing flexibility.

Better raw image processing

Process raw images with increased speed and superior conversion quality using the Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in, which now adds support for JPEG and TIFF formats and new tools including Fill Light and Dust Busting.

Smart Filters

Add, adjust, and remove filters from images without having to resave or start over to preserve quality. Nondestructive Smart Filters allow you to visualize changes without altering original pixel data.

Quick Selection and Refine Edge tools

Make selections in a snap. Loosely draw on an image area, and the Quick Selection tool automatically completes the selection. Fine-tune your selections with the Refine Edge tool.

Black-and-white conversion

Easily convert color images to rich black-and-white, and adjust tonal values and tints. Experiment with the black-and-white presets, or create and save your own custom presets.

Advanced compositing

Automatically align multiple Photoshop layers or images based on similar content. The Auto-align Layers command moves, rotates, or warps layers to align them, and the Auto-blend Layers command blends the color and shading to create a smooth, editable result.

Enhanced 32-bit high dynamic range (HDR) support

Create and edit 32-bit images and combine multiple exposures into a single, 32-bit image that preserves the full range of a scene — from the deepest shadows to the brightest highlights.

Streamlined interface and palette management

Maximize screen space for editing while keeping essential tools accessible. Palettes are now arranged in convenient, self-adjusting docks that can be widened to full size or narrowed to icons or even a thin, self-revealing strip at the edge of your monitor.


After perfecting your images, use Lightroom to arrange them in any order you choose. Present images to your clients and get approval in print, on the web, or in a slide show.

Output to HTML or SWF using dynamic live preview

Get no-fuss, no-programming web gallery production in the Web module. See the results in Lightroom before you publish them to your site.

Single-click web publishing to FTP presets

Export your SWF or HTML galleries directly to your web server from to Lightroom.

Dynamic print template creation and editing

Use the included presets, adapt them to suit, or create your own. Whatever you choose, the simple slider and numeric controls let you turn your images into prints quickly and easily.

Powerful metadata stamping on all output

Include as much information as you need on any print job.

Include music with slide shows

Enjoy an elegant, simple to set up slide show on your monitor, with background music drawn from your computer music library.

Improved printing

Experience better control over print quality with color management, a larger print preview window, and more controls in one place so you can print in fewer steps. Improved printing controls make printing easier and streamline setup options via integration with select printers from HP, Epson, and Canon.

Photoshop CS3 Extended Both PC & MAC Only $74.95  

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