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Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 3 software is essential for today's digital photography workflow. Now you can quickly import, process, manage, and showcase your images — from one shot to an entire shoot. With Lightroom 2, you spend  less time in front of the computer and more time behind the lens.
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Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 software work together so you can efficiently manage thousands of images — or perfect just one. Photoshop CS4 Extended, the industry standard in digital imaging, now provides improved access to its unrivaled editing power through a more intuitive user experience, greater editing freedom, and significant productivity enhancements. Lightroom 2 streamlines your photography workflow, so you can easily import, manage, and showcase large volumes of photographs.

Extend the power of Photoshop across media

Delivering all the features of Adobe® Photoshop® CS4 software and more, Photoshop CS4 Extended provides breakthrough 3D painting and editing power, richer motion graphics editing, and enhanced image analysis. Photoshop CS4 Extended is the ultimate playground for bringing out the best in your digital images, transforming them into anything you can imagine and showcasing them in extraordinary ways.

Discover New Dimensions in Digital Imaging

  Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended Highlights

Adjust images in half the time  Use the new Adjustments panel and fluid on-image controls to make changes in less than half the time required using Adjustment layers, menu commands, and dialog boxes in previous versions of Photoshop.

Enjoy smoother rotation, panning, and zooming  Simply click and drag to smoothly turn your canvas for distortion-free viewing at any angle. Gracefully navigate to any area of an image with ultra-smooth zooming and panning. Photoshop CS4 leverages newer computer processors for dramatic boosts in performance.

Bypass cropping and retouching with intelligent Content-Aware Scaling  Use revolutionary Content-Aware Scaling to automatically recompose an image as you resize it, smartly preserving vital areas as the image adapts to different aspect ratios. Get the perfect image in one step without time-intensive cropping and retouching.

Composite images in seconds for panoramas or extended-focus photos  Automatically stitch horizontal or vertical photos to create seamless panoramas using Photomerge® technology. Combine a series of shots with different focal points into a single color-corrected image with automatic correction for vignettes and lens distortion.

Easily apply localized changes to camera raw images  Make localized changes—even gradient-based adjustments—to camera raw images with ease. Simply paint the area to be affected, and then using sliders to control the change. Corrections are nondestructive, so your original files are maintained in their pristine state.

OpenGL support lets you zoom through your images  Independent research shows that support for newer computer processors in Photoshop CS4 Extended significantly speeds up panning and zooming on large images. Enjoy a smoother, more fluid work experience while saving valuable time.

Find, preview, and manage images with greater efficiency  Discover faster performance and enhanced navigation tools in Adobe Bridge CS4. Operations from startup to handing off of images to Photoshop are faster, and convenient new workspace buttons let you instantly jump to the right display for every task.

Photoshop CS4 Extended Saves You Time & Money

Photoshop bar chart




Overall Product Features Photoshop CS4 Photoshop CS4 Extended
Revolutionary new features, a fluid user experience, and improved access to the unrivaled power of Photoshop yes yes
A more intuitive user interface and new nondestructive editing features that put you in control, including the new Adjustments and Masks panels yes yes
New and revolutionary Content-Aware Scaling, advanced auto-blending that extends depth of field, and industry-leading editing and compositing with reengineered color-correction tools yes yes
Significant productivity enhancements that provide increased flexibility and enable you to leverage the power of today's faster graphics processors yes yes
Breakthrough 3D editing and compositing capabilities and improved video controls to dramatically expand your creative options no yes
Comprehensive image analysis with enhanced measurement and counting tools, as well as support for DICOM images and MATLAB processing routines no yes


New and Enhanced Features Photoshop CS4 Photoshop CS4 Extended

Unrivaled editing

Adjustments panel for live, nondestructive image adjustment yes yes
Masks panel for creating editable, feathered, density-controlled masks yes yes
Content-Aware Scaling yes yes
Enhanced auto-blending of images yes yes
Enhanced auto-alignment of layers yes yes
360-degree panoramas yes yes
Extended depth of field yes yes
Better raw image processing yes yes
Enhanced expert retouching yes yes

Increased productivity

Smoother panning and zooming and fluid canvas rotation yes yes
Industry-leading color correction with reengineered Dodge, Burn, and Sponge yes yes
Efficient file management with new Adobe Bridge CS4 yes yes
Tighter integration with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® yes yes
Adobe Kuler™ for color harmony creation and sharing yes yes
N-up and multiple document view yes yes
More powerful printing options yes yes
Superior performance on very large images* yes yes
Multi-Touch support on Mac laptops† yes yes
Adobe Community Help yes yes

Breakthrough 3D, motion graphics, and image analysis

Direct painting on 3D objects no yes
Easy conversion from 2D to 3D no yes
Editable 3D properties (scene, materials, meshes, lights) no yes
High-quality output with new ray-tracing rendering engine no yes
2D and 3D image compositing no yes
3D object animation no yes
3D/video support no yes
New, high-performance, nonmodal 3D engine no yes
Volume rendering no yes
Single-key shortcuts for editing motion graphics no yes
Preview and export of audio content and frame comments no yes
Quantitative data extraction no yes
Enhanced Count tool no yes
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