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Shock! You mean a model had stretch marks?
That's Liv Tyler in case you can't tell. She is featured very close-up on the cover of Harper's Bazaar, UK. This comparison speaks for itself. One is reality, one is not.


We promise this is 'Grey's Anatomy' beauty Ellen Pompeo. See, it says so right on the magazine cover. Allure editors took 15 years off her face, but it's her. And where did that cleavage come from, Meredith Grey? Did you get some new (whisper) breasts while on hiatus and didn't tell anyone? No? Well it sure was nice of Allure to supply those for the occasion.


Brooke Shields was given a better shape on her cover like she had when she was a Teenager.  
Harry Potter is that you? Daniel Radcliffe graced the cover of Details this month and must have used a bedazzling charm to change some of his facial features before the shoot. The difference in his jaw line is the most startling, but it looks as if they slimmed him up a bit too. Oh, and he's glowing ... but it's Harry Potter. Glow Harry Potter, glow.
U.S. Harper's Bazaar had featured Kirsten Dunst who is hot. She's so glam with her red lipstick, pearls and her slicked back 'do while bobbing out of the pool. She looks somewhat like herself on the cover, except for one tiny, white enamel detail. They fixed her teeth.
On her new album cover, singer and actress Jennifer Hudson seems to have melted away at the midriff. Jennifer has refused to comment on her new cover.
Beyonce has a beautiful curvy shape, but her waist is not that small.








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